Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dos Montes Spring Resort

Dos Montes Hillside Spring Resort, Malilipot, Albay
My family live just few meters away from the famed black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay. Aside from regularly going into the shore (except me), we also try a new and different thing. This time - we are visiting a nearby natural spring resort.

About five kilometers away from our provincial residence, Dos Montes Resort is located in the next town of Malilipot. It is a hidden natural spring resort at the foot of a mountain. The town of Malilipot, aside from having two island barangays, is also known for its lowland and upland barangays. The resort is not far from the national highway going to Tabaco City. In fact, if one is not bringing a lot of stuff (baon) it is so nice to walk toward the area. If one does not prefer to walk or just commuting, pedicabs will bring you from the highway to the resort. 

A few meters away from Dos Montes is the famous Busay Falls. The falls is maintained by the local government. The way to Dos Montes and Busay falls, aside from having concrete clean roads, have lots of lush and greens. The scarce fresh air in Metro Manila is super abundant there.

The water that flows in the swimming pools of Dos Montes come from natural spring from the mountains. In fact, the resort management says that it is potable. Indeed, the water is so cold.

My family had to bring several termos (thermostat) so that while swimming, we stirred our coffee and sip from time to time. Then, plunge on the pools again. 

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel grotto
Extreme caution should be observed for children. The resort is made of concrete infrastructure mostly of materials from Mayon volcano (gravel, sand), perhaps the best material on the planet. Children must not be allowed to run in the area to avoid slippage and injuries. Besides, the resort's entrance area is sufficient for running as colorful fishes greet the guests.

For Catholics [I bet the owner is Catholic too], there is a huge grotto on the side of the mountain overlooking the entire resort - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. From whom my name came from, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is the patron saint of the town of Malilipot, where Dos Montes is located.

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