Friday, November 29, 2013

Butuan National Museum and Its Crocodile in a Fridge

I visited Butuan National Museum yesterday to look for anything historical therein. The post at the gate of the museum says that it is closed for renovation. Huh! After the tuk-tuk driver almost misled me to a place I already knew before, that's what I got. 


I entered the compound looking for anything beautiful or something to treasure as I leave for Manila in the afternoon. I approached a man wearing shorts and slippers and knew that he is the security guard. Thanks to him because he ushered me inside the museum just to show me two freezers in the lobby. 

Lolong's head
Lolong's skin

One freezer contained the head of Lolong while the other one, its skin. Lolong is the world's largest crocodile caught and was held in captivity in the town of Bunawan in the outskirts of Butuan City. The crocodile died before I was able to see it in that man-made niche.

Now, I see the crocodile in the fridge.

The lagoon


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peatland Before Super Typhoon Yolanda: Leyte Sab-a Basin

Needs rehab even before the typhoon Yolanda
I am into an advocacy that aims to rehabilitate the endangered peatland in Leyte. The peatland is named Leyte Sab-a Basin that stretches as far as the towns of Sta. Fe and Alangalang, Leyte. It is one of the two identified peatlands in the Philippines. I have visited the area for about three times. I am sharing pictures of the beauty of nature that I took before the super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) hit these areas.

Flowing peatland water
One might think the sight is so nice. Well, it's not. It is not a good view for an environmentalist who knows the nature of a peatland. Where are the species now?

The Leyte Sab-A Basin supposedly holds vast amount of water  thereby prevents them from flowing. The picture above shows an actual opening of the peatland. See the nearby bridge. From here water flows as far as the nearby town of Palo. Palo town in Leyte is famous for its landing, a place where American General Douglas McArthur landed.