Saturday, January 25, 2014

Senses in Glan

Reminiscing my short yet very memorable moments in Mindanao particularly in Region 12, let me share some very nice photographs of hidden paradise in Saranggani Province. These photographs are nicely shot by Chief Inspector Romeo Maltezo Jr. The two of us were very lucky to be part of the group that visited the place.

Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr

I was told that for about an hour sea travel from this spot in the Philippines,
one will already reach Kota Kinabalo, Malaysia.
Mindanao, like any other place in the Philippines, is a haven of hidden spots which I call paradise. This one is in Saranggani Province, the province where the world's famous boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is a congressman.

I fear waters that's why I did not try water sports. I did not plunge in the crystal clear waters, which my companions told me that I missed more than half of my life. 

Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr
They told me these jet-ski belong to the Mayor of Glan and of course, Manny Pacquiao. Thanks to the two of you for lending us these wonderful adventure.  

Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr

Our firefighters from Alabel Fire Station, Saranggani Province.
This is one of the places where they train for water search and rescue.
The municipality of Glan in Saranggani, where we sojourned and where these pictures are taken, have very clean sea waters. Sand is white and not a plenty of people occupy the beach as that in Boracay. I enjoy nature, of course, if there is less disturbance.

I may not be from Mindanao but my heart belongs to it. It is my wish that hidden treasures in this part of southern Philippines, town of Glan, be preserved and protected for the next generations. 

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