Sunday, August 4, 2013

Short Stop in Museo Sugbo

Bell made of wood (Museo Sugbo)
My first time to Cebu City was never enough. For four days, I spent my two days in Waterfront hotel and my three nights in a not so far hotel. There are plenty of hotels in Cebu to choose from. No wonder, you will never get out of bed when you get there anytime. When I come back to Cebu in the future, I want to try another hotel and another hotel and another hotel and more hotels.

Whenever I sojourn to a new place, I look forward to not only the hotel and the bed. I look forward to the history of the place. In Cebu, there are good historical places to visit. I visited only two - never enough. I was alone in my walking shorts and boarded the taxi to Museo Sugbo.

Entrance landmark of Museo Sugbo

I am a fan of museums. I love to see remnants of the Philippine history. If you love to visit museums like me then we may go together. I may not go to the mall but if you date me to a museum, that is what I love so much.

Inside a former jail, now Museo Sugbo

I first saw the jail for Jose Rizal in the City of Manila and my tears rolled without me noticing it. Now, I am seeing a "bartolina". I wonder how many inmates were there who shared a small opening for oxygen. I've been to some present day jail facilities in the country but this is the second old jail facility of the past that I came across with.

The "bartolina"

There are lots to expound further in an article inside the Museo Sugbo.  There are more to say that Cebu is so Spanish.

The wall coated with millions (?) of egg whites in order to be preserved.
It is more fun visiting the Philippines. It is also more fun to visit the sites that show us where we came from. It is more fun to visit museums in the Philippines.

Museo Sugbo is located at M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Brgy. Tejero, Cebu City, Philippines. It is Cebu Provincial Museum but it was formerly the Cebu Provincial Jail. For inquiries you may call 516-2205 or visit their Facebook page, Museo Sugbo.  


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