Saturday, August 24, 2013

Decongesting EDSA

EDSA – Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue. This is the freedom avenue where the world’s most famous bloodless revolution took place in 1986 – the Philippines’ People Power Revolution.

Look at EDSA during holidays like Christmas, New Year, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and like this one, during All Saints and All Souls Day. People rushing to the provinces leave Metro Manila with less cars and congestion. 

EDSA, Philippines

Those are the only seasons when I see a spacious EDSA. So nice to the eyes. Friendly for motorists. Less cars. No heavy traffic. Long stretch of road is decongested of cars. How I wish, EDSA will always be like this.

How I wish that one day, people in stilettos or in coat will be passing by in their bikes and will use the subway trains to a work in Makati, in Quezon City or in Ortigas. An underground railway system is what I dream of for Metro Manila. Such that we will be focused more on preserving EDSA, remembering its world’s historical value rather than seeing it as a sore to the eyes when one is in a hurry.

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