Monday, September 21, 2015

Angkor Memories (Two)

In Angkor Wat, you will really be awed by magnificent architecture and advanced engineering work used thousands years ago.

Apsara Dancer

Too many of them
View from inside
When you are inside this complex, you'll get to feel wind and relieved from tiredness of going up. The white GI sheets are restoration work funded by other countries.

Ramayana and Indarapatra
You can read Ramayana and Indarapatra from the whole stretch of wall. Just look at the stone sculpture on the wall but don't ever touch them. 

Inside base
This is what's inside the huge complex; this is the highest tower. In order to enter here, you have to exert real effort. 

Just my comment, some tourists do not read the conditions of entrance here written in their IDs. Once ID cards are given, the staff should at the same time instruct the tourists to read the conditions written. One very important condition is not being noisy. Because there is still Buddha inside where Buddhists can pay homage to and the place is considered holy; tourists should minimize their noise. The word "wat" means temple. So, do not wear shorts or sleeveless or see-through clothes. Be decent enough.

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