Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lake Within

Photo courtesy of RomeoMaltezoJr
Floating restaurant. Punta Isla Lake Resort
Lake Sebu. It is the name of a town in South Cotabato that has a lake within named Lake Sebu.

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Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr
One of the seven falls.
I have been to Lake Sebu for twice already. I spent nights in one resort and visited a neighboring resort during the day. I visited the zipline and the Seven Falls. Its zipline is said to be the tallest in Asia. I traversed the lake that is said to be never been successfully fathomed. 

Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr
Souvenir Shop at Punta Isla Lake Resort showcases products made by women and locals of the town.
I admire Lake Sebu's rich culture as women weave its products on display at the souvenir shop. 

Photo courtesy of Romeo Maltezo Jr
A log boat is one of the means of transportation for residents around Lake Sebu.

Lake Sebu is worth visiting. It is located in high altitude but you will be surprised of the lake on top of it. The lake provides a living to the community. 

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